Virtual Makeup Try-On Not Just A Fad But The Future!

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For the longest time, the experience of going into a makeup store and trying on makeup was the only way to buy it. But, with all the technical advances, there is now a new and easier way to do this - Virtual makeup. What started as a trend in the early 2019s took the cosmetics industry by storm during the pandemic. But, with retail shops reopening, do brands NEED such a technology anymore? Let's find out!

What is virtual makeup?

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Virtual makeup is a technological process that, with the help of a camera, lets you try on makeup products on your face from a phone, tablet, laptop, or digital kiosk. It is an application of Augmented reality (AR). In a nutshell, Virtual makeup lets you try makeup on without actually applying it! Magic, isn't it?

If you want to try on a particular shade of lipstick, then using AR, the software will create a filter for that shade and paste it over your lips virtually but in a realistic fashion. This allows the consumers to try out as many products as they want before finalizing.

How to use a virtual makeup app?

Supertouch virtual try-on app

Using a Virtual makeup app is very easy. Just download the app on your device. Then either upload a photo from your gallery or try on the filters in real-time. You can even put on an outfit you like and upload your image to see how well the makeup goes.

Pro Tip - Use the Virtual makeup app right before you upload your profile picture or a post on social media. Upload the image in the app, put on foundation or blush on your face, and save it. Add an instant glow to your selfie.

Virtual makeup for e-commerce, travel retails, stores, cosmetics brands

Virtual try-on for e-commerce platforms

Today, people demand a safe and touchless environment even while shopping. Virtual makeup try-on integrations are popular with beauty e-commerce. Such features make consumers spend more time in their ecosystem (app or website), which eventually converts into sales.

Brands are now moving on to digital kiosks and smart mirrors in cosmetic retail stores. They let you try on makeup products with just a few swipes and clicks. The devices also work as recommendation systems to cross-sell. This drives extra revenue for brands and increases footfall in retail outlets.

For international companies, Virtual makeup integrations in travel retail stores are crucial. Every year the number of people traveling increases. This makes travel retail a lucrative investment as it increases brand visibility among consumers globally! Having Virtual makeup try-on in travel retail stores will make travelers spend more time and get acquainted with the brand and its products.

How has virtual makeup changed consumer behavior?

Customers trying makeup products in stores

Virtual makeup allows consumers to do something they could never do before- Experiment Freely! The traditional approach has been visiting the cosmetics shop and testing different products until you think you 'may' have found the right shade. With AR and Virtual makeup in the mix, the entire process becomes hassle-free. You can find out whether that purple lipstick goes well with your blue liner. Do you want to recreate the makeup look of your favorite influencer without actually buying the products? With a few clicks, try a bunch of looks within seconds.

Be it shopping in retail stores or online, Virtual makeup empowers the digital experience of the consumers. Companies like L'Oréal, Maybelline, MAC Cosmetics, and Sephora offer their customers a seamless experience of trying on their products virtually. Just upload your selfie and then Select-Swipe-Repeat. This process lets the consumers save money as they often end up buying unnecessary makeup products.

A complete package

SuperTouch Virtual Hair Color try-on in smart mirror or kiosk

The application of AR is not just limited to trying on lipsticks, foundations, and eyeliners. A user can also try out different hair colors and hairstyles. Do you want to find out how you would look with neon-green hair? Are you confused between ruby or magenta highlights? Just take a selfie, upload it and leave the rest to AR. The virtual hair color feature opens a whole new world of virtual makeovers for consumers.

They can try different permutations of lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, and hair color in a matter of seconds. This altogether changes the way customers interact with brands! Even hairstylists and makeup artists can use it to cater to their clients. Clients can shortlist different looks even before starting the process!

The future of virtual makeup

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Beauty AR tech has become an indispensable part of the customer journey. It is the most cost-effective way to provide a better experience to the consumers. From startups to global giants, everyone has embraced this magical technology that solves all customer pain points.

So, our final question to our readers is, have YOU given it a try? If not, waste no time and book a call with us

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