Virtual Hairstyle Try-On: The Future of Hairstyling?

Virtual Hairstyle Try-On: The Future of Hairstyling?

While looking at someone else's hairstyle, most people wonder if they can get the same. Many options exist, whether it is a low updo bun for a wedding or a wet hair look for casual dating. But not all hairstyles will suit everyone.

Hairstyle depends on many factors, from hair texture to facial features. As a result, it's tricky for customers to predict which style will suit them. That’s why the use of virtual haircut try-on has recently increased considerably.

Combining technology with styling can give everyone a personalized and customized look.

Problems Experienced by Salons and Haircare Brands

Problems Experienced by Salons and Haircare Brands

According to research, the global hairstyling products market is expected to reach a valuation of US$ 23.5 billion in 2023 and is projected to be worth US$ 39.9 billion by 2033. The market is expected to record a significant CAGR of 5.4% CAGR. Such good growth is possible because of efficient implanting technology in this field, including online hairstyle try-on.

Unfortunately, not all businesses have adopted this new tech and are still operating traditionally, causing many problems:

  1. When customers visit a salon, they often bring a reference image to show the hairstylist the desired hairstyle. However, if the final result does not meet their expectations, even after the hairstylist's best effort, the customers may leave feeling disappointed and lose trust in the salon.
  2. When customers are dissatisfied with their salon experience, they may not share positive feedback with others, resulting in negative word-of-mouth publicity for the salon. This can lead to a decrease in footfall and repeat customers. As a result, hairstylists must understand the modifications in the hair texture or cut to achieve the expected hairstyle without virtual hairstyle try-on.
  3. Haircare brands also face difficulties to a great extent while formulating new products for different hair textures and lengths. This can be solved by using try-on technology for a particular hairstyle; one such example is the virtual bangs try-on.

Benefits of Virtual Hairstyle Try-on Technology for Salons

Benefits of Virtual Hairstyle Try-on Technology for Salons

Following are some benefits of using virtual haircut try-on technology in salons -

  1. The virtual try-on software will help hairstylists identify the haircuts to achieve their clients' particular styles and also find out whether the haircut matches the facial structure or not.
  2. Customer satisfaction will rise rapidly with the help of virtual hairstyle try-on software.
  3. Salons can reduce errors in hairstyling, as they will have an idea of exactly what to do.

Benefits of Virtual Hairstyle Try-on for Haircare Brands

Haircare brands can also utilize the virtual haircut try-on software to gain clarity. They can easily make suggestions to customers about styles suitable for different facial structures, hair textures, occasions, and other factors.

This will ensure that brands can provide better inputs to customers, which in turn will increase customer satisfaction and brand image.

How to Implement Virtual Hairstyle Try-on Technology in your Business?

How to Implement Virtual Hairstyle Try-on Technology in your Business?

Below are some of the best ways businesses can implement the software.

  1. Salons can easily use online/offline hairstyle try-on software to determine if a particular hairstyle will look perfect on their clients. For example, with a virtual bangs try-on, hairstylists can decide the type of bangs, the length of the bangs to cut, and the amount of coverage the bangs will provide.
  2. Hairstylists can easily decide how to proceed with hair grafting and implantation to increase the volume and enhance the hair texture.
  3. When any customers come in, stylists can first use virtual hairstyle try-on to show the clients the different hairstyles available and also see if the style will suit them.

Final Words

The hairstyling industry is surely on the rise, and implementing online hairstyle try-on technology will ensure that the business along with the customer retention rate also rises. Salons and haircare brands can benefit greatly from virtual hairstyle try-on available in the market. With the increasing demand for professional hairstylists and excellent customer experience, using such technology is necessary for every business.

Virtual Hairstyle Try-on FAQs

Q. Can the hairstylist determine if a pixie cut is suitable with virtual try-on software?

Yes, a hairstylist can quickly determine if the pixie cut suits their clients using virtual hairstyle try-on.

Q. Is the virtual try-on app for hairstyle free?

There are many online hairstyle try-on applications available in free mode. So hairstylists won’t have to pay anything to use the app features.

Q. Is the virtual hairstyle try-on application suitable for pro stylists only?

Both beginner and expert hairstylists can try the virtual hairstyle on the application for their clients.

Do you want to offer your customers a personalized hairstyling experience using virtual try-on? Get in touch with us.

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