Harness The Power Of AI Foundation Shade Finder To Increase ROI

SuperTouch AI Foundation Shade Finder

Are your customers satisfied with the online purchase from your company? Or, your customers don't find the right fit despite a diverse range of foundation shades? Finding the right shade of foundation can be daunting for customers, while the companies bear the cost of shipping and returns. Allow us to save you from the process of unnecessary trial and error.

As a growing technology, AI is becoming vital in helping beauty brands attract customer attention and increase sales, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. It helps brands provide unique user experiences that promote virtual foundation shades among the customers which is beneficial in the long run.

But how can we best utilise AI's capabilities in beauty tech to enhance customer experience and increase our ROI? Read on to learn how!

Buying Foundation Online: Struggles Customers Face

Struggles faced by customers while buying foundation online

According to Forbes, 71% of consumers feel frustrated when a shopping experience is impersonal.

Shopping for a foundation online can be quite a challenging process for customers. There are instances where they lack a good understanding of the product's quality, and after receiving the final product, they are dissatisfied with its outcome. This poses a significant threat to the business, directly affecting product sales.

It affects not only the trust of the customers but also reduces the overall reputation of the brand. However, introducing AI-driven shade-finding technology into customers' online shopping experience can help avoid confusion and ease the entire process of selling and buying for brands and customers, respectively.

With the advancement of technology, customers can try an extensive range of virtual foundation shades right from the comfort of their homes with as great accuracy and reliability as buying from a store. AI foundation shade finder helps customers auto-detect their skin tone and recommends the right shades and undertones that perfectly match their skin when receiving the final product.

Problems Faced by Beauty Brands

Problems faced by beauty brands selling foundation online

Often, buyers are unsure about their skin type and undertones and thus make random guesses. They order the wrong product online, making the entire online buying process futile. As discussed earlier, the customers return their product for an exchange, which increases the product return rate and creates significant losses for the brands.

In some cases, customers may ask for a refund while the company has to bear the return shipping and delivery charges and the refund losses. This poses a burden to the company as it also affects its goodwill.

How does the AI-powered Foundation Shade Finder Work?

How does the AI-powered Foundation Shade Finder Work?

Orbo has a foundation shade-finding technology that has been tested on 700,000 learning samples across all skin groups and over 80,000+ shades. It accurately detects the user's face, extracts and improves facial data, and identifies skin tone and texture.

Our model does not require an internet connection and can accurately track and scan your facial features in real-time without draining much power. It runs smoothly on all Android and iOS devices.

Following are the three steps of using the AI-powered foundation shade finder:

  1. Upload a selfie of yours.
  2. Our shade-finding technology analyses your face's natural skin tone.
  3. The foundation shade matching your skin tone will be provided along with alternative recommendations.

Benefits of the AI-powered Foundation Shade Finder

Advantages of the AI-powered Foundation Shade Finder

Customers use AI Foundation Shade Finder to determine their unique, skin-tone-specific foundation shade. Additionally, users can instantly experiment with warmer or cooler undertones to determine their preferred appearance.

Our beauty AI is not limited to detecting the skin tone of the user's face but also examines the user's skin type based on two important parameters: unevenness and dullness. This helps determine which foundation variant should be recommended to the user.

For instance, if the user's skin tone is uneven, the brand can recommend a medium to heavy coverage foundation. Likewise, if the dullness score of the user's skin tone is high, then the brand can recommend a matte-based foundation instead of an oil-based one.

AI Foundation Shade Finder FAQs

1. Is there an app that helps you find the right foundation shade for you?

A. SuperTouch, a virtual foundation shade finder app, is an AI-based beauty tech solution for beauty brands that provides an accurate foundation shade for your skin tone. You can download it from Play Store and App Store.

2. How to select the right foundation shade online?

A. The AI-based shade-finding technology of Orbo uses an intelligent tracking platform for facial applications, allowing users to experience a true-to-life makeover. It accurately determines your skin color and suggests the best shade that suits your complexion.

Learn more about how you can empower your customers to find the right foundation shade effortlessly!

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