Virtual Hair Color Try-On For Brands Moving Towards D2C

SuperTouch Virtual Hair Color Try-on

Choosing the perfect hair color is a task that requires a lot of precision and consideration. Once done, it will stay put for a few months. It is not inexpensive to get hair color; thus, you cannot experiment with multiple colors repeatedly. Also, applying multiple hair dyes in a limited time will pose damage to your hair quality. So how do you choose the best hair color for yourself? Are you afraid you might get your hair dyed and it won’t look good on your face? Don’t worry, we have come up with the perfect solution for you- a virtual hair color try-on! You can virtually try hair dyes to get an idea of a hair color that will adorn your face.

What is a Virtual Hair Color Try-on?

Virtual Hair Color Try-On

Virtual hair color try-on is an AI-powered technology that helps users analyze what hair dye will suit them the most. Hair color brands can now show customers, with the help of any device, a hint of what effect the respective hair dye will add to their face.

It allows the customers to get an intimation regarding the comprehensive look of their face after getting their hair dyed. This includes multiple factors such as the change in the skin tone due to the reflection of the hair color, the varying beauty of multiple shades of the same color, and much more.

With your device's help, you can use this hair color simulator to show your customers exactly how they will look after getting a particular hair dye. But how does virtual hair color try-on work? Let us find out below-

  1. Single hair color filter- This hair color changer filter allows the customers to see how applying a single color to their hair will look. It works with all hair types and shows you the potential result from multiple angles. It supports the complete range of RGB colors.
  2. Multiple color patterns- If you want to get a blend of multiple hair dyes, this hair color changer tool helps you comprehend the look of that as well! You can virtually try multiple hair dyes to see how two color gradients, half dye block, and multi-color will look on your hair.
  3. Hair dye coverage options- If you are getting a hair dye in a single color, you can check out the dye coverage, blending area, and the shine levels that can be applied to your hair.

Advantages of Integrating Virtual Try-on for Hair Color Brands

Virtual Hair Color Try-on for Salon Brands

The hair color simulator is highly beneficial for salons, fashion, or makeover studios. The advantages of integrating it are-

  • Manage your stock based on the user requirement and demand for hair colors.
  • No need to incur expenditure on model photoshoots.
  • Increase walk-ins and engagement in your salons.
  • Collect customer patterns, insights, and data points to understand customer preferences.
  • An additional source of passive income by renting spaces in the salons to hair color brands and advertisers.
  • Your website traffic and social media engagement will automatically increase if you integrate this tool online.

Benefits of using Virtual Hair Color Try-on

Customer confused which hair color to choose at salon

The customers can try the virtual hair color tool and experience multiple benefits, which include the following-

  • Increase in confidence while visiting the salon.
  • Virtually try hair dyes and visualize the effects that different shades add to their face.
  • Experiment with multiple shades without spending money or risking the health of their hair.
  • Discover new colors and shades that might look good on them.
  • Try a wide range of shades without the risk of not looking good.


Q- Is there an app that lets you try different hair colors?

Ans- The virtual hair color try-on app by SuperTouch is a dynamic app that lets you try multiple hair colors and even buy them.

Q- How does virtual hair color try-on work?

Ans- Hair color brands can empower customers to check in real-time how a hair dye looks on their face through a virtual hair color try-on app, kiosk, smart mirror, or website.

Learn more about how you can leverage our beauty AI to create a personalized hair color buying experience.

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